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On the internet there is information that Space X, besides a Tesla Roadster, has shot into space a second, secret payload.

27 февраля 2018
According to the Hi-News news portal, stashed inside the convertible is a tiny storage device of quartz crystal. This device is called an Arch and built for long-term data archiving. Theoretically, such a storage disk will be stable for up to 14 billion years and can hold up to 360 terabytes of data.

The storage device contains Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series of seven science-fiction novels focused on the concept of preserving human knowledge and culture in a vast, unforgiving Universe. Scientists consider it to be the first step of a project to distribute our data across the Solar System and beyond, which in itself is a revolutionary idea.

Such developments should be used by people on the Earth as well to transmit all knowledge, accumulated over the years of human civilization’s existence, from generation to generation.