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Boeing patent proposes blockchain-based anti-spoofing GPS system

23 января 2018
The blockchain technology is growing rapidly, as evidenced by its use in many areas and the navigation industry is not the execption. The upcoming XII international Navigation Forum will touch the topic of navigation data protection, so we are looking forward to Forum attendees ready to provide developments in the field of protected mobility and cybersecurity. We believe that your development will not be less successful than the project of Boeing Corporation.


One of the world's largest manufacturers of aviation, military and space technology, Boeing, patented a new development, suggesting protection of GPS receivers against spoofing using the blockchain. The idea of this development is to create an on-Board system for backup and protection against spoofing. The use of blockchain technology will remain embedded in the backup system reliable data, obtained from GPS, and will protect the equipment from spurious signals. This development can be applied on any type of vehicles, including unmanned.


The blockchain is a way of storing data in a digital registry, represented as chain of blocks containing a certain data set. Computers running on the same network, through complex mathematical algorithms perform the encryption process, in which each module is assigned a unique digital signature. Adding new data blocks will update the registry and eliminate forgery of the old data ones. This technology provides with high level of protection against hacker attacks because data is not stored in one place, but scattered over a few hundred or even hundreds of thousands of computers.


Source: coinpedia.org