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Navigation industry for Carsharing

16 января 2018
Carsharing is minute-by-minute rent of cars. The principal difference between carsharing and rent in general is that carsharing provides short-time car using. But what real advantages does carsharing have and what trends of carsharing in Russia?


Carsharing begining in 40s years of last century in Europe and till 90s years carsharing was some link of clubs that offered its services for a narrow circle of people. Buf from the beginning of 21th century carsharing reached lots of consumers and in this time two the biggest carsharing companies were founded - ZipCar in USA and City Car Club in the UK. These companies are still on the carsharing market and this fact proofs the large demand in carsharing.


For now such companies as GM, BMW, Cadillac, Porshe and Mersedes-benz have been involved in the sphere of short-time car rent. For instance in 2016 the GM company launched Maven service, in 2017 - demonstrated the unmanned taxi service. Cadillac and Porshe in 2017 launched services of renting premium-class cars. Despite the fact of growing carsharing and public transport popularity car sales still rise. In 90s 40 mln cars were sold in 2016 - more than 80 mln ones. But it doesn’t mean that all car owners use them. Moreover owning cars costs too much. Each car owner knows that the car - not only status, prestige and convenience, but large costs such as gas, maintenance, taxes, insurance etc. Carsharing release people from these issues. Carsharing probably won’t liquidate market of personal vehicle but for car producers (like GM) this is great opportunity to expand for new categories of consumers, who can’t afford to own car.


In Russia carsharing market took it’s beginning in 2013 and for now is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar. But the karsharing market is most developed in Moscow, where 10 carsharing services exist. Biggest companies in russian carsharing market are Delimobil, AnyTime, YouDrive and BelkaCar. Carsharing is developing rapidly and navigation industry can’t ignore such perspective market. Using IoT and GNSS let owners of carsharing services monitor rent vehicles, survey gasoline level and driving style of users. Implementing UVS (unmanned vehicle systems) will lead to optimisation of traffic flows, reducing number of accidents on road and making cars more accessible to people.


But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Success of the carsharing service is determined by mobile app through which clients order cars. Without mobile app or with malfunctioning one existing of carsharing service doesn’t have any sense. Convenient and available on all mobile platforms application that contains all services is important. Stable functioning application is provided with IoT services and telematics platforms. Insurance telematics allows insurance companies to to expand customer base among carsharing firms. Intelligent evaluation system of driving will define the driving style of the client and the sum he has to pay for using of the vehicle, and in case of accidents is to clearly define the amount of damage.


To sum up it can be concluded that that carsharing opens up many possibilities for developers of telematics platforms and navigation services. The introduction of intelligent monitoring systems and insurance transport optimizes the performance of carsharing services, increases the number of tenants and solves the problem of traffic jams and accidents on the road.