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The student invented the GPS walking stick for visually impaired people

22 января 2018
On the eve of International Navigation forum it will be interesting to see what projects in the field of navigation solutions to improve the lives of people with disabilities will be represented at the event.


We believe that this news will inspire the developers of navigation hardware


The student of engineering form, the eighth-grader Daniel Lyuminarskiy found an interesting using of GPS technology: more than for a year Daniel developed a prototype of GPS-walking stick for visually impaired people, that is able to replace a guide dog. GPS-walking stick has many features: it can orient on the terrain by means of special signals, build routes by a user’s voice commands and save standart routes. In addition to it GPS-walking stick can be customized for a particular user. Such a device could spur the creation of a series of devices for people with difficulties in moving around the city.